Gifted Education/Governor's Schools
   Gifted Education Services

 Coordinating Programs and Services 

          for identified high-ability and advanced students in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.

   The program provides a continuum of services to Gloucester's youth in three areas:

  •      General Intellectual Ability

  •      Specific Academic Aptitude -- Language Arts/Verbal

  •      Specific Academic Aptitude -- Mathematics

 For more information about Gifted Education Services in the Commonwealth of Virginia,

SAVE THE DATE! Governor's School Information Night, November 29, 2016, 6:30 pm, for grades 7-10, Page Middle School.

If you are unable to attend or you have questions about this meeting,
please contact us at 804-693-4795 or speak to your school counselor.

Or Please Complete this Short Survey to Request Information via email

Gifted Education Forms are on the Web!
Partnering for Gifted Education

Partnering for Gifted Education


Now Accepting Applications for Parent Representatives
for the following terms:

  Bethel (2016-18)
Petsworth (2016-18)
Peasley (2016-17)
   Please return the parent application by September 30th to  
   We are now accepting applications for a Community Representative.  
  Please return Application by September 30th to

or to the Office of Governor's Schools & Gifted Education Services

6099 T.C. Walker Road
Gloucester VA 23061

or FAX (804-693-6275

  Parent Application GAC 2016

Parents of students identified for gifted education services in grades 3-7,
please sign-up for our e-mail list for the Middle Peninsula Summer Regional Governor's School.
We will be using a web-based submission form for all Gloucester applicants this year.
Please complete this form to be sure we have a current email address for your child.
Please call us at 804-693-4795 to be put on our phone/mail list for all this important information.
We will only be sending this information via email unless you contact us to make a non-computer arrangement.
More information will be available in January/February.

  Gifted Education E-Mail List Form


 Office of Gifted Education Services

Bess B. Worley II, Ph.D.
Instructional Supervisor

 Gaye Murphy, Gifted Education Specialist