GCPS Technology Department

Gloucester County Public Schools is a progressive system dedicated to providing the best preparation possible for it's students.

 Technological literacy has become an essential component of that preparation. 

Whether GCPS graduates proceed to the world of work or further education, Technological Literacy will be a requirement for success.

The GCPS Technology Department supports all software, hardware and virtual programs affecting students, teachers and support staff.

From bus scheduling software to phones to virtual learning, we are committed to helping our teachers and students meet the ever-changing advancements in today's media-centric world.



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Power Teacher Pro

   PowerTeacher PRO
   PowerTeacher Pro User Guide
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   PowerTeacher Pro   
(Toggle Views, Set Categories)
   PowerTeacher Pro
(Create Assignments, Link Standards, Score Standards)
Available to All GCPS Teachers


TestNav 8

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GCPS is a member of the 
WHRO-Consortium for Interactive Instruction or CII.

  This partnership sponsors such programs as:
The Great Computer Challenge 
    March 10, 2018  Senior Division
     May 12, 2018 Junior Division
Great Computer Challenge (Division Forms)

Other Services Include:
  PBS TeacherLine
Virginia's PBS TeacherLine
PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest

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GCPS Technology Department

Technology Services


               6099 T.C. Walker Road
Gloucester Virginia  23061

               FAX                                                                                                                          693-0276

James Brogan, Director of Technology Services



Nick DeMet, Coordinator of Database Service                                                              693-3279

Bill Diehl, Coordinator of Network Services                                                                   693-1643

James Maloney, Coordinator for Technology Services                                                 693-6865
Audio Visual/Security     

Matthew Bychowski, Coordinator of Technology Service                                            693-0109

Jimmy Major, Communication Technician                                                                      693-6031

Sarah Clements, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)           

Sherri Miller, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)

Tricia Rilee, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)

KC Woller, ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)

Kelli Gabel, Database Support Manager                                                                         693-2296

Patrice Gallant, HelpDesk Manager                                                                                 693-0989

Becky Blaylock, Field Technician                                                                           

Pamela Gaghich, Field Technician

Jeff Stevens, Field Technician